Saturday, March 31, 2018


Day 39/40 Doxology:  Hey!  No one noticed I got off count!

So, this season of Lenten doxologies ends as it began...with the help-mate God gave me to traverse life.   We have this joke in our house about Shannon's alter-ego named "Vacation Shannon"!

"Vacation Shannon" can gets some stuff done.  She cleans, cooks, stays up late, organizes, throws stuff away, and is crazy project-oriented.  But, she only visits when real-life Shannon is off work like spring break or during the summer. Regardless when she visits, she is amazing!

This week Shannon has been on spring break, and she has been consumed with J-2's wedding tasks.  However, she showed up just in time to knock out a project that has been on our list -painting the stairwell at our parsonage.

So, I want to stop, and praise God for this moment, and all the moments that we've spent over the years like nailing on siding in the shadows of the humid summer evenings, or blowing insulation on the early Saturday mornings, hanging sheetrock, or even painting anything and everything.

This doxology might not be as clever or impressive as some, but for me it's my greatest.  Praising God for "Vacation Shannon" is second only to the celebration we will all celebrate tomorrow morning!  I promise was worth a rib!  #TeamAdam

The Better Parent

Day 38 Doxology:  What??  If I'm going to get this doxology in, I'd better hurry.

In my defense, I've been mudding sheetrock (don't forget sanding), drilling and tapping Jamie's wood burning thing-a-ma-jiggy (By which, Jamie, you are going to need a new thing-a-ma-jiggy), and I've driven 4-plus hours today alone!

But...that's the way it is with life!  We are almost at the end of my 40 days of doxology moments (point in which I praise God), and I cluttered my day with so much stuff that I am having a hard time to fit God in my day.  Why on earth would God want a relationship with me?  Then I was reminded of the power of love.

Jonesy sent this picture to the world.  She and J-3 have put life on hold to go to the Lion King.  What an investment in the message of love? While she was investing in our children I was obliviously driving home searching for the next open lane so that I can make driving home like a chess match!  The first step to solving your sickness is admitting you have one!  I have a huge disdain for inconsiderate drivers!!!!  But, I'm working on that!

In light of my sin, I look at this picture and realize the absolute important element that makes our family work...she is the better parent!  However, please listen...My doxology is not that I stink at being a parent, but that God has blessed me with a wife for me...and a mother to my children that makes me want to be better!

What better way to close out holy week, and a season of doxologies, than to thank God for my mate...My wife...the mother of my children...the person in my life that has continually makes, and has made, me "want"to be better!   The God I serve is soooooo good!

BAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!  (That's supposed to be the sound the guy makes when he raises Simba to the sky)...

Happy almost Easter!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Abundance of Connection

Day 37 doxology: I think about my dad most ever day, but today I was able to feel a connection with him in a way I haven't felt in a while.

Even during St. Patricks Day, I didn't think of my dad who passed away July 30th, 2007 the way I did today.  Our family was taught that we have ties to The Island of Wales.  In short, we were thought to be Welsh!  Even though the only thing it shared with Ireland was the Irish Sea, I always felt that our family were very much a part of everything Irish!

That is why today's doxology has lasting memories.  When I was kid, I can remember my dad always straddled over a clover patch eagle-eyed for the next 4-leaf clover.  He always found one!  There was a time when I thought, they must be extremely common....Then my thought were corrected after I set out to find my own!  I was discouraged regarding my discovery!  That is why today I felt a huge connection to my roots!

As I aged, and my family grew, I brushed off my dad's gift to the "luck of the Irish!"  When he found his next discovery at his visits to our home, it was more about my faulty ability to spray out the unhealthy foliage in my top-shelf bermuda sod around the pool than my dad consistent ability to search, then find, and pluck the next 4-leaf clover.

So today...this week is all about connection!  I am connected to my earthly dad; which connects me and my daughters to their roots.  In a similar way...I am connected through the sacrifice of Jesus to my spiritual father...and throughout His sacrifice, I am gifted with the assurance of eternal life!   In the end, it's not about's about the connection of love!

Thank you father, and thank you father!  Today, I found a 4-leaf clover that sparked a whole plethora of memories and an abundance of connection!  

Monday, March 26, 2018

Prayers of Hope

Day 35 Doxology:  I bet that if I did a small poll that most of my doxologies were about food, and of those, they were about food with friends.  Today's doxology is no different.

This is spring break for sweet Jones, and it's been a time spent with friends.  We have laughed, and we have cried, but more than anything other than normal...we ate.

On our phone were messages from people crazy-close that reminded us that this time of the year has become a diary of memories of which it has been our blessing to share together.  In our time with friends, that we've done everything together, we spent late nights remembering and sharing over great food.

When I went to bed, my prayer immediately fell to a prayer of hope for my daughters, and your children, that they have friends and relationships as deep as ours!

So, tonights doxology is a picture of hot wings but is really a picture representing years of relationships.  What is your Holy Week doxology, and does it involve others?

Friday, March 23, 2018

Extra Crazy

Day 33 Doxology: Tonight Jonesy has traveled south to spend a health day with J-1.  So, J-3 and I were left alone to do the Friday evening thing.  We elected to do it in style -Italian Style!

She ordered her favorite, and I did the same except my favorite include an adult no-no...Crazy Bread!

As we age, we try to become more healthy by eliminating breads and sugars which is in reference to our greater goal of eliminating "muffin-tops".  We also try to turn back the clock by exercising enough.  So, when Jonesy is out of town, my freedom-facade reminds me of when my parents were gone for the weekend...a time when I might get crazy...up in the hoooouse (Too Much?)!

Crazy then is different than crazy now (Can I get a thank ya Laud)?  Since my children read my blogs...crazy then meant long hours of reading novels like War And Peace, or Moby Dick.   It mean that I would spend hours researching stock and bonds, or Studying the latest moves of Bobby Fischer (learn your history, guys!). All of this is simply the life of a crazy teenager!

Today, crazy has a new face!  Usually it means that is comes with a super-size of calories minus the afternoon walk or exercise. Tonight, I got crazy!

I called Little Caesars and ordered their Deep, Deep, Deep Dish Special and a side of "Crazy Bread"!  You are thinking...Oh, I get it!  Nope, you really don't!  When I get adult-like crazy...I order Crazy Bread with extra crazy! (Notice the grammatical emphasis on Extra and Crazy.)

Somehow just ordering crazy bread and telling the teenager taking my order that I want "Extra Crazy"...just feels so good!  If you look closely, it's printed on the label, "extra b & c".  This is a direct reference to the young man's question, "Sir, you want extra butter and extra cheese?" Then I say, "Yes!!!! I want Extra Crazy!!"

That's simply the way we role, here on the adult-edge...Extra Crazy!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Baked Dish of I Love You

Day 32 Doxology:  Today's doxology is a bit of bate and switch.  The point being's really Jones' doxology.

As many of you know, I enjoy cooking for my family, and one of Jones' favorites is my dressing.  The joke is ALWAYS, I cook the dressing, and Shannon cooks the homemade cranberry sauce.  I've included a picture of her "homemade" technique of cranberry favor.  At the end of the day...there is joy all around!

After she fixed her plate, she grabbed my phone and snapped this picture to which she exclaimed...this is today's doxology!

Is this not the way it should be for those that we love?  We should live our day in such a way to honor God by out-loving those that we love.  We are called from the depths of our "Notebook" heart to cut onions and celery, sauté them in butter, mix them with cornbread, chicken broth, sage, salt and pepper to have a baked dish of I love you!

When your done...if your loved one Praise God then you have your day's doxology!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Joy to the Girl

Day 31 Doxology:  I spent most of the week singing Three Dog Night's 1970's hit, "Joy To The World."  So, it must be on the brain...

Tonight, I came home after church to join J-3 playing catch-up on our family's recordings when I caught a glimpse of this image -J-3's socks!

She cracks me up...she has always cracked me up. She has the most pure, simplistic, authentic attitude that makes everyone smile when she walks into the room.  It's been a tough year for a number of reasons, but because of her, and her joy for life, I look forward to the future.

So, whether she wears different socks, regardless if she mumbles to herself then laughs, whether she thinks she has made a bet with you then wants a fist pump because she won...she is a huge joy in my life.  Which means, my life is incomplete without her.

All of these reasons and so much more makes me want to sing, "Joy To The Girl!"