Monday, April 6, 2020

Your Thoughts?

Day 35 Doxology: Wow!  What a day of many blessings while I had the amazing opportunity to experience God's blessings for myself.  In fact, while I was going through today's doxology moments I had a thought...what if I heard from you regarding your thoughts about the image that demanded my attention.  We are connected, and after all we've been doing this for 35 days now!

Here is an image that I would love to offer for review and reflection as to how God might be speaking to you for a doxology reflection!  I may, or may not, offer my synopsis tomorrow!

All I ask is that you be sincere, but creative!  Listen to how God is speaking to you then share with us...God is always speaking, but do we hear?

A bit of background is this: I was installing a clothesline outside underneath the tin roof on the back of the parsonage.  This image is just one end.  Each end of the clothesline is a coupling so one can tighten the line as needed.  Hmm, what is God saying?

A bit of info, but what are your thoughts?

Saturday, April 4, 2020

My Last Day

Day 34 Doxology: What a beautiful day doing everything we could do like we wouldn't have another day to do what it is we do...Confused?

Shannon and I have a admit-able sickness.  Sometimes we just throw in the towel and go get a Milo's.  For me it's the food.  For Shannon it's the regular cheeseburger, extra onions and both mine and her lemon pie.

It made me think about what would we order for our last meal and how would we spend it.  Today, it felt like life would end at 5pm...So, Milo's was in order.  Like two teenagers we went through the drive-thru and ate our lunch in the sun on the tailgate. Two young kids in love admitting that 5:01pm was coming.

Which makes me's doxology was not the food but enjoying my last day with Jonesy, and almost matching shirts it appears.

Friday, April 3, 2020

My Lord, My Family, and My Friends!

Day 33 Doxology:  What a day of "Praise" this has been.  All the phone calls and text messages about the crosses, and there are more to hammer in tomorrow.  However, "This is the day that the Lord has made.  So let us rejoice and be glad of it!"

Yesterday's doxology were the crosses that Shannon and J-2 assembled, and then today's doxology is the sharing of those crosses!  A bit of a back story, we snuck out last night late (9pm) like two little kids to put crosses up in our neighbor's yard.  You'd thought we were rolling their yard the way we snuck around, cutting out the lights, and speeding away so that we wouldn't get caught.

Then today we received the first fruits of our with children near this year's Easter crosses. What a joy!  That is amazing in and of itself, but the greatest blessing was part-two of a previous doxology (See Day 9).

Words can't express the joy that I received when a successful friendship was solidified after hours of work and prayer.  Who knew that Rags loved Ro's Grill Jack Jack Burgers as much as I do, and what a treat it must have been over the countless number of Jack's sausage and biscuit.  Some things of great worth take time!  Because of the crosses, and because of my new friend Rags and even stuck at home this might be the best Easter ever!  "Praise God from whom all blessings flow..."

How can you make it your best Easter under these circumstances?  This year could be our best year ever because we stand to realize what truly is important!  For me it's my Lord, my family, and my friends -old and new!!  Now, what about you?

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Yes Lord!

Day 32 Doxology:  It's crazy! I missed yesterday...I simply ran out of day, but today I think I got something that will make you pause and say, Yes Lord!

I've been working on my daughter and Son-n-law's bathroom and each evening I try to finish the list of to do's to stay on track before Gov. Ivey shuts down the state.  While I was doing yesterday's "to do" list Shannon and J-2 where putting together crosses for our church families!

With my "A-Type" personality I inspected each cross and found a list of things that made me shiver, but...when I realized how they were a perfect symbol of the love they have for a church family they couldn't hug or even be in company of during the oddest of times they made me pause and think!

I thought how this imperfect object was used to right the world.  The cross used to cause death in the harshest of ways created a path for me to be made whole.  With the new conditions we are facing for Palm Sunday and Easter, my wife and daughters passion for each of you is overwhelming.   My hope is that it becomes contagious!

You just don't know...You might wake up one day and have a cross outside your door...and not from the Joneses!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

I Am So Dead!

Day 30 Doxology:  Well we've started the countdown to the last 10 days until Easter even though this year's Easter will look much different that any Easter in my past 50 plus years.  Just how different depends on you.

Today's doxology is a "praise God" moment that I've experienced many times in my long friendship with this person.  In fact, years ago I used to keep a list of the acts of kindness from this person; thinking that I would repay in some way, but over the years the list grew so long that it became overwhelming.  So, I stopped, realizing there was nothing I could do to justify his kindness toward me and my family.  I will fight the temptation to start listing his random acts of generosity for fear of embarrassment to us both.  Needless to say...this person has one of the best hearts a person could ever witness.  Ok, enough blubber!

Today's doxology is yet another example of his huge heart.  At a time when people are being laid off or asked to cut hours because of the current crisis, the owner of OEC's passion for those that have felt and continue to feel the pinch of everyone being forced to stay home.  He decided that he would purchase lunch locally for his office from a different restaurant each day of the week to help where he could. That's what he does!

So, without embarrassment, losing my man card, or even worse retaliation from his mom or his's doxology highlights a person that is Christ to me in so many ways over so many years!  Now, I just have to share him with others.  I am so dead!

Now, how will you be Christ to others...Jesus Himself said, "Now, go and do likewise."

Monday, March 30, 2020

On Me!

Day 29 Doxology: Sorry that today's doxology is so late.  Shannon and I were at J-2's yet again for the completion of today's to do list.  What I got was more than I bargained for.

I was finishing up with a final wall soon to become the outside wall for the tub.  In short, it was a wall to be tiled not long down the road.  The wall, as it stands, was part plaster and part cement block with many different raised areas that made it impossible to attach tile.  So, a false wall was a must.

While I was chipping away some of the remaining cement that would prevent our false wall from becoming plumb, Eben (J-2's bo) handed me a chisel to use.  It made me pause and think.

All my life I've heard the story of Jesus' resurrection.  All my life I heard the words of Jesus, "Forgive them for they know not what they do."  It wasn't until today did I understand it to depths that I cannot explain.  I was the one that didn't know what I was doing.

An undisputed fact in scripture is that Jesus was crucified -nailed to a cross.  Scripture tells us that he was crucified for my sins.  I've always believed that.  I have faith to believe that, but until today it never dawned on me that I crucified Jesus..really crucified him, not just metaphorically.  I nailed his hands and feet, and the chisel I used today was a larger version of the nails that were used.

This Easter, because of the coronavirus, will be different than Easters in then past.  However for me, this Easter will be more different than any other, because I nailed the nails that caused this hurtful celebration.

Enjoy your Easter, on me!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Christ Shops Here

Day 28 Doxology: Have you noticed a change in people since our world has come to a screeching halt?  Like after 9/11, the world's attitude toward one another seems on the mend.  Look, I realize we are not there yet, but we've been offered a mulligan, and why not use it.  Let me tell you about my Friday.

I started off my morning with left-over sausage balls -Which I love!  Then J-2, Shannon, and myself headed to Pulaski to work on J-2's bathroom remodel project.  After finishing up their new floor system and putting down the subfloor we called it quits and headed home.  On the way home we talked about getting some groceries so I checked in my console for my wallet...Oh no! WHERE"S MY WALLET!

I didn't stress and was certain it was home.  Once home, I tore up the house looking for the wallet with no luck.  It's funny how certain you are at first your previous day's routine, but only to start questioning everything before your search turns up null and void.  Regardless of where my wallet was, neither it nor I slept last night.

This morning I remembered that Thursday evening I had gotten gas while I was out, and thought what the heck...I called the number.  To my surprise, my great-joy, to my :"rip off my shirt and run down the street kind of excitement" the man said I had dropped it and "it's all here."  "It's all here"...Hmm!

If you've ever lost your wallet, or your purse, you realize how amazing it must have been to hear, "It's all here."  Today, when everything is sideways...when everyone is broken and refuses to get help...the gospel that we as Christian have the privilege to share is both the "Here" and now, but also to come.  Thank the LORD for the amazing person that felt the pain of humanity during this time and offered up a very good deed!  May God richly Bless your home in abundance!

Christ shops here!