Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Day of Gifts

Day 39 Doxology:  This has been a day of gifts...even if I am into day 40 of my doxology sharing.  For clarity, Day 39 Doxology has been a true day of celebrations. 

This evening friends and family gathered at a high-flutten resteraunt in Birmingham to honor the birthday of a special friend.  This friend is a one-of-a-kind not unlike you!  She was one of the first people to step into my office after my dad passed away and prompted me to heal.  She was CHRIST to me.

Tonight, I experienced another kind of gift.  My church left, for me and my family, a gift that sheds light on the huge Easter experience.  Each year has been joy upon joy to share with my family.  And, my girls almost stand taller (if possible) when they see the church their dad serves pour out so much love this time of year.  I feel love throughout the year, but this time of the year is a special opportunity to share a Happy Easter Gift.  My church never misses an opportunity to remind me they care! This year, like years prior, we had an Easter Basket waiting.

Too many times we overlook the joy of the body of Christ...why?  Why would we miss out on elevating what God is doing in and through others...through ourselves?  

This Easter pause and think then...thank! Thank others for their thoughtfulness and caring.  If we all did it within our just might become contagious.  Praise be to God!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Looks that Kill!

Day 37 Doxology: Have you ever heard of the old cliche "looks that kill"?  Several times tonight I experienced the thought that mimic that old cliche -"looks that kill".  You are assuming that the word "kill" is a bad thing.  All my life I've called friends "killer", "choppy", "Captain," or "Gomer" when they did something goofy.  I think killer, choppy, Captain, or Gomer are terms of endearment a bond between people you care for.  They are friends that you never will forget.  When I called my friend "killer" it was as if I was saying you are a "killer" friend -A friend I'll never forget.  In kind... the term "looks that kill" is used to describe an image that will forever be a part of my memory.  Tonight, my mind is full of "looks that kill"!

Tonight was our church's Easter Eggstavaganza.  So many images run through my mind -children I've never seen, children I haven't seen in a while, and children that I never will forget.  Other images that can be described as "looks that kill" are the adults that serve tirelessly. They plan, paint, cook, pour, and toss their way into a child's life.  It's about the coolest thing one could ever witness.  What you see are "looks that kill"!

A couple of highlighted looks are shared for your viewing.  I will carefully not share their name because I don't have their permission, but I will share their picture -like that is better!  I begin with a small princess (we will call her Princess EK).  I've missed her while she has been recovering from surgery, and tonight I couldn't wait to be a part of this doxology moment!  My face looks so intense because of the huge squeeze being offered.  Thinking that I get to be this princess' pastor brings tears to my you can see it is a look that kills!

The next image is from an adult-child.  She was wading through children to somehow offer and excuse to sling fake grass and toss eggs.  The kids loved her, but really, who wouldn't?  This is a look that kills!

To close, how many image have you experienced today that you blew passed, or over-looked?  In the end, they were forgotten when God offered them as a "Means of Grace" for you to draw upon for days and weeks.  Tonight was just that...a Means of experiencing the Grace God offers to me through the relationships and life of others.  I believe them to be looks that will be uploaded in my memory for every...they are "looks that kill" for a very long time!  Thanks be to God!