Thursday, March 29, 2018

Abundance of Connection

Day 37 doxology: I think about my dad most ever day, but today I was able to feel a connection with him in a way I haven't felt in a while.

Even during St. Patricks Day, I didn't think of my dad who passed away July 30th, 2007 the way I did today.  Our family was taught that we have ties to The Island of Wales.  In short, we were thought to be Welsh!  Even though the only thing it shared with Ireland was the Irish Sea, I always felt that our family were very much a part of everything Irish!

That is why today's doxology has lasting memories.  When I was kid, I can remember my dad always straddled over a clover patch eagle-eyed for the next 4-leaf clover.  He always found one!  There was a time when I thought, they must be extremely common....Then my thought were corrected after I set out to find my own!  I was discouraged regarding my discovery!  That is why today I felt a huge connection to my roots!

As I aged, and my family grew, I brushed off my dad's gift to the "luck of the Irish!"  When he found his next discovery at his visits to our home, it was more about my faulty ability to spray out the unhealthy foliage in my top-shelf bermuda sod around the pool than my dad consistent ability to search, then find, and pluck the next 4-leaf clover.

So today...this week is all about connection!  I am connected to my earthly dad; which connects me and my daughters to their roots.  In a similar way...I am connected through the sacrifice of Jesus to my spiritual father...and throughout His sacrifice, I am gifted with the assurance of eternal life!   In the end, it's not about's about the connection of love!

Thank you father, and thank you father!  Today, I found a 4-leaf clover that sparked a whole plethora of memories and an abundance of connection!  

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