Thursday, March 22, 2018

Baked Dish of I Love You

Day 32 Doxology:  Today's doxology is a bit of bate and switch.  The point being's really Jones' doxology.

As many of you know, I enjoy cooking for my family, and one of Jones' favorites is my dressing.  The joke is ALWAYS, I cook the dressing, and Shannon cooks the homemade cranberry sauce.  I've included a picture of her "homemade" technique of cranberry favor.  At the end of the day...there is joy all around!

After she fixed her plate, she grabbed my phone and snapped this picture to which she exclaimed...this is today's doxology!

Is this not the way it should be for those that we love?  We should live our day in such a way to honor God by out-loving those that we love.  We are called from the depths of our "Notebook" heart to cut onions and celery, sauté them in butter, mix them with cornbread, chicken broth, sage, salt and pepper to have a baked dish of I love you!

When your done...if your loved one Praise God then you have your day's doxology!

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