Monday, March 26, 2018

Prayers of Hope

Day 35 Doxology:  I bet that if I did a small poll that most of my doxologies were about food, and of those, they were about food with friends.  Today's doxology is no different.

This is spring break for sweet Jones, and it's been a time spent with friends.  We have laughed, and we have cried, but more than anything other than normal...we ate.

On our phone were messages from people crazy-close that reminded us that this time of the year has become a diary of memories of which it has been our blessing to share together.  In our time with friends, that we've done everything together, we spent late nights remembering and sharing over great food.

When I went to bed, my prayer immediately fell to a prayer of hope for my daughters, and your children, that they have friends and relationships as deep as ours!

So, tonights doxology is a picture of hot wings but is really a picture representing years of relationships.  What is your Holy Week doxology, and does it involve others?

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