Monday, March 5, 2018

"Wuv....Twue Wuv!"

Day 17 Doxology:  It's been a really long day, and even though it was a 16 hour work-day, I can't keep from smiling.  The reason is simple and is today's doxology!

One of the hardest and greatest joys of my life is being a parent!  The times that I have failed have far outweighed the times I have done it right.  I look back and think of all of the things I would do differently if given the chance, but as it is I am laying in the bed that I've made. Through it all, my greatest hope, other than they're having an unwavering faith, is for my daughters to be happy.

So, although I'm out of energy for my day, I am distracted!  All my daughter's life I've told them to "stay away from boys because they are distractions!"  So tonight, I am the one that is distracted...because my middle J is getting married.

The reason I keep smiling is...because she is happy!  I keep thinking maybe I'm not as bad a parent as I thought?  And in my mind all I keep hearing is the priest in Princess Bride say, "Wuv....Twue Wuv!"

Congratulations to J-2 and that boy...because of you both and your love for each other, I praise God!

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