Friday, March 9, 2018

Closing Time!

Day 21 Doxology: Wow!  Just over the half-way point on our tract toward Easter.  Today's doxology comes at a different realization...

I was cutting grass today after our Face to Face Encounter at church, and I began thinking about a certain song!  The Semisonic's are credited with a song called "Closing Time"!  Before you turn your nose or click "back space" hear me out...

I was mowing grass today after a very important and amazing ministry ended geared tower the elderly (for a lack of better terms).  I couldn't help but to have this consistent theme of thought..."Every new beginning comes from some other's beginnings end!"

Wow!  Poetic!  Does that come from the Bible...Psalms, Proverbs, maybe Romans?   No!  Not at all!  It comes from Minnesota in 1995, from a band called the Semisonic!  Regardless of the words, they are completely true whether in Minnesota or Athens, Alabama!

As a pastor, I cannot help but to think about what must die for something new to be born!  I was reminded of that today while listening to the song "Closing Time"!  I mowed grass for hours, and as I looked at the countless rows of crab-grass, thinking I need to spray this out, I remembered that the heat of summer will burn it out and make way for the new growth of healthy grass!

The cycle never ends...something must die to make room for something new!  It's true whether in the church or your executive suite!  It's that way within us all!  We have to die to self, before we can take on the righteousness of Christ!

Mark 8:35 reminds us of our greatest doxology, "For whoever will save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel will gain it!"

As I mow, the winter rash must die and be removed to make way for the Fescue and Bermuda that comes with the spring. And, if we are totally honest..the neatly mowed lines created is a sense of order that we've been missing as we wait!

Come Lord Come!

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