Friday, March 16, 2018


Day 27 Doxology: If you were raised in the south then you've heard, "Thank you Laud!" Which might offer more praise than you originally thought.  An exhausted search determined it was all about "praise."

Tonight brought to surface a throw-back praise, or doxology.  For years, if you took the time to research, our family and friends spent valuable time on the back deck or near the fire.  It's amazing the healing that takes place next to the fire pit...what happens at the fire stays at the fire!  It's a very sacred place!

I miss those days...

So, tonight's/ today's doxology is a praise throw-back!  It's time to look forward but remember all the great stuff that has happened in the past.

We all have a story..what is your story and what throw-back memory will help you look forward by looking back.

Thank you Laud!

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