Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Better Parent

Day 38 Doxology:  What??  If I'm going to get this doxology in, I'd better hurry.

In my defense, I've been mudding sheetrock (don't forget sanding), drilling and tapping Jamie's wood burning thing-a-ma-jiggy (By which, Jamie, you are going to need a new thing-a-ma-jiggy), and I've driven 4-plus hours today alone!

But...that's the way it is with life!  We are almost at the end of my 40 days of doxology moments (point in which I praise God), and I cluttered my day with so much stuff that I am having a hard time to fit God in my day.  Why on earth would God want a relationship with me?  Then I was reminded of the power of love.

Jonesy sent this picture to the world.  She and J-3 have put life on hold to go to the Lion King.  What an investment in the message of love? While she was investing in our children I was obliviously driving home searching for the next open lane so that I can make driving home like a chess match!  The first step to solving your sickness is admitting you have one!  I have a huge disdain for inconsiderate drivers!!!!  But, I'm working on that!

In light of my sin, I look at this picture and realize the absolute important element that makes our family work...she is the better parent!  However, please listen...My doxology is not that I stink at being a parent, but that God has blessed me with a wife for me...and a mother to my children that makes me want to be better!

What better way to close out holy week, and a season of doxologies, than to thank God for my mate...My wife...the mother of my children...the person in my life that has continually makes, and has made, me "want"to be better!   The God I serve is soooooo good!

BAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!  (That's supposed to be the sound the guy makes when he raises Simba to the sky)...

Happy almost Easter!

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