Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Right Side-Up!

Day 19 Doxology:  How much do you love the messages that people put on the back of their vehicle?  

When I was growing up it was bumper stickers that share some clever message of one's belief or passion. As got older, the method of sharing one's message expanded.  Soon there were magnets that said Roll Tide; window stickers that adhered on the inside to last longer, and still the old school bumper sticker.  I saw a window sticker on a Jeep recently that became my favorite...maybe because I was a father of 3 girls!  It stated clearly:

I am a teenage girl,
parked on a hill, 
in a jeep with a stick-shift.
Should you be close enough to read this?

The advance method now is to have tire covers on Jeeps that act like the bumper stickers of old...which is today's doxology :

The message is clear -If you can clearly read the "problem" message then the Jeep is in trouble and likely to be upside-down!

How many of us find ourselves "upside-down" in life?  I promise if you are there, you don't need a tire cover to name the moment for you! And, to carry the thought further, I bet each of us have felt upside-down at some point in our life.

The message that sparks hope is clear...and it's not so much found in very familiar John 3:16 like most think (even as important as that message is for us!).  However, I think the message that can initiate hope for those that find themselves upside-down in life can be found in the next verse...John 3:17.

John 3:17 says, "For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn world, but to save it through him."

If you find yourself "upside down" in life or in any know you are in a problem.  I bet what you need to know is a way to start a process of becoming "right side-up?" Then maybe you'll be open to the idea of a church that can share what Jesus did for us all.

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