Friday, March 23, 2018

Extra Crazy

Day 33 Doxology: Tonight Jonesy has traveled south to spend a health day with J-1.  So, J-3 and I were left alone to do the Friday evening thing.  We elected to do it in style -Italian Style!

She ordered her favorite, and I did the same except my favorite include an adult no-no...Crazy Bread!

As we age, we try to become more healthy by eliminating breads and sugars which is in reference to our greater goal of eliminating "muffin-tops".  We also try to turn back the clock by exercising enough.  So, when Jonesy is out of town, my freedom-facade reminds me of when my parents were gone for the weekend...a time when I might get crazy...up in the hoooouse (Too Much?)!

Crazy then is different than crazy now (Can I get a thank ya Laud)?  Since my children read my blogs...crazy then meant long hours of reading novels like War And Peace, or Moby Dick.   It mean that I would spend hours researching stock and bonds, or Studying the latest moves of Bobby Fischer (learn your history, guys!). All of this is simply the life of a crazy teenager!

Today, crazy has a new face!  Usually it means that is comes with a super-size of calories minus the afternoon walk or exercise. Tonight, I got crazy!

I called Little Caesars and ordered their Deep, Deep, Deep Dish Special and a side of "Crazy Bread"!  You are thinking...Oh, I get it!  Nope, you really don't!  When I get adult-like crazy...I order Crazy Bread with extra crazy! (Notice the grammatical emphasis on Extra and Crazy.)

Somehow just ordering crazy bread and telling the teenager taking my order that I want "Extra Crazy"...just feels so good!  If you look closely, it's printed on the label, "extra b & c".  This is a direct reference to the young man's question, "Sir, you want extra butter and extra cheese?" Then I say, "Yes!!!! I want Extra Crazy!!"

That's simply the way we role, here on the adult-edge...Extra Crazy!

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