Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Joy to the Girl

Day 31 Doxology:  I spent most of the week singing Three Dog Night's 1970's hit, "Joy To The World."  So, it must be on the brain...

Tonight, I came home after church to join J-3 playing catch-up on our family's recordings when I caught a glimpse of this image -J-3's socks!

She cracks me up...she has always cracked me up. She has the most pure, simplistic, authentic attitude that makes everyone smile when she walks into the room.  It's been a tough year for a number of reasons, but because of her, and her joy for life, I look forward to the future.

So, whether she wears different socks, regardless if she mumbles to herself then laughs, whether she thinks she has made a bet with you then wants a fist pump because she won...she is a huge joy in my life.  Which means, my life is incomplete without her.

All of these reasons and so much more makes me want to sing, "Joy To The Girl!"

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