Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Still Doing Things Together!

Day 24 Doxology: This time of year J-1 and I would fill out our NCAA College Basketball Brackets.  We never submitted them...it was just something we would do together.

Today's doxology is a simple phone call.  J-1 called to say she had post-college plans...she was accepted into the CYMT program.  Which means, she will be working in youth ministry at a church large enough to pay both her salary and educational cost while she obtains a masters in youth ministry.

J-1 is going into ministry!  It will be her heaviest burden and most wonderful joy!

A really cool part of this doxology is the unending blessing that God rains down.  She was recommended by one of my past youth who was her youth minister,  and now a husband, father, and the youth minister at the church I served when he was a youth.  So, God impacted me; I had a small impact on him; he influenced my daughter!   She will soon make possible the kingdom of God by impact someone God puts in her path (maybe his son?).  A beautiful circle of God's grace offered to change the world one youth at a time!

As it turns out J-1 and I are still doing things together!

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