Saturday, March 31, 2018


Day 39/40 Doxology:  Hey!  No one noticed I got off count!

So, this season of Lenten doxologies ends as it began...with the help-mate God gave me to traverse life.   We have this joke in our house about Shannon's alter-ego named "Vacation Shannon"!

"Vacation Shannon" can gets some stuff done.  She cleans, cooks, stays up late, organizes, throws stuff away, and is crazy project-oriented.  But, she only visits when real-life Shannon is off work like spring break or during the summer. Regardless when she visits, she is amazing!

This week Shannon has been on spring break, and she has been consumed with J-2's wedding tasks.  However, she showed up just in time to knock out a project that has been on our list -painting the stairwell at our parsonage.

So, I want to stop, and praise God for this moment, and all the moments that we've spent over the years like nailing on siding in the shadows of the humid summer evenings, or blowing insulation on the early Saturday mornings, hanging sheetrock, or even painting anything and everything.

This doxology might not be as clever or impressive as some, but for me it's my greatest.  Praising God for "Vacation Shannon" is second only to the celebration we will all celebrate tomorrow morning!  I promise was worth a rib!  #TeamAdam

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