Saturday, March 3, 2018

Pork = "Upward" Love

Day 16 Doxology: Today's 15 hours of Upward Basketball provide countless times of doxology moments as we close out our Upward Basketball season.-thank you Charles Deiter!

Today's doxology could have been the joy of serving alongside fellow Christians.  More often than not, it was present as the children heard encouragement from their coaches and parents as they were less than perfect!  A semi-mountain top experience of praise was when everyone in the room cheered for that child that scored their first goal of the season on their last game of the year regardless of which team you pulled for!  It was clearly present when our church matriarch stayed for the last two games of the day to give a devotional for all the young parents at halftime regardless whether they were connected to Isom's.

I can share images from a game where girls dribble underneath the goal and pass to a friend so they can make their first bucket.  I can include pictures of pork and remind you that at the table amazing things happen.  Pork = Love!  And finally, I can include a group of young women that are not confined by age but connected by the single act of service! It made today's doxology a true praise God moment!

So, there is this mosaic of mental images of how God was visible throughout my day that I cannot share!  However, I bet if you could have eyes to see you could remember how vivid God was a part of you day!  What I have done is included just a few real images that brought me great joy in many different ways of my Isom's peeps and a wonderful season of Upward Praising God!

God's Grace is good!

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